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Wooden Clocks: Hand-crafted clocks with hand-crafted wooden gears by Jeff Evans


I love Machines. I find them fascinating and beautiful. The clock is one of the first of man's mechanical creations of real genius. A machine that will run by itself at a pace so accurate, it will monitor time. Building them out of wood, to me, brings out that beauty even more. I think that because wood used to be a living thing, it has an inherent beauty which compliments and adds life to the mechanism. This art has a force and beauty in its process that has given me interest and joy for 25 years and still does. In this site you will find examples of my work from the beginning to present.


"Time is a great teacher but it unfortunately kills all its pupils." Hector Berloiz


Navigating this site is fairly simple and straight forward. Among all the choices (some info about me, FAQs, purchasing info, contact info, etc) there is also a page where you can see pictures of all my clocks in one place. In addition, there are other pages where I have divided the clocks into "Galleries", including pictures of clocks I have made in the past and some that are currently in progress. From these galleries you can then go to other pages to get specific information about individual clocks (wood types, prices, and some of my rambling thoughts about that particular clock). If you wish to see my clocks in the flesh at a brick and mortar gallery, click on links for locations.


For pricing and information on this page: If you see something you like, you can also click on the name below the clock and you will be taken to the page that focuses on that particular piece.


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Century – Jeff Evans’ 100th clock


Century Clock


Century - Information

Nothing But Time - The Collection


nothingbuttime_promo - 432


Nothing But Time - Information

Time Warp


Time Warp


Time Warp - Information

Bones - The "Bare Bones" Collection


bones_promo - 432


Bones - Information

Slice Of Time


Slice of Time


Slice Of Time - Information

Stratacaster - The Collection




Stratacaster - Information

Time Is Up


timeisup1 - 432


Time Is Up - Information

Time After Time





Time After Time - Information






Quartz - Information

Quartz Wall Clock




Quartz Wall Clock - Information

Mantle Clock





Mantle Clock - Information

Time Melts Away


timemeltsaway1 - 432



Time Melts Away - Information

Stretch Of Time


stretchoftime1_clean - 432



Stretch Of Time - Information

Time Deluxe


timedeluxe1 - 432



Time Deluxe - Information

Good A Time As Any




Good A Time As Any - Information

Slice of Time #2


Slice #2 400x795



Slice of Time #2 - Information

Strata - Variation #2


strata 432x1003


Strata - Information




To see additional clocks and/or to get more information about the clocks you see here, please see the "Gallery" pages.


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