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Stratacaster - Promotional Flier


This is my most popular clock.  After I made this clock and stood back to reflect on what I had done, it reminded me of the Fender Stratocaster guitar, made famous by Eric Clapton and many other great guitarists.  I shortened the name in all subsequent clocks, to "Strata" and have sold more of these than any other clock model.


Wood: Imbuia

Dimensions: 14 inches by 22 inches (excluding weights and pendulum)

Price: 850.00

Stratacaster - Detail


What you are seeing in this picture is called the clock "movement".  It is a side view of the Stratacaster and you can see the spool that the strings are wound around.  At the other end, the strings are attached to weights that provide the drive for the clock.  As they slowly unwind the weights drop toward the floor and eventually the clock will need to be re-wound. 

The various gears in the clock are made to exact specifications and the wood used is Baltic Birch.  The clock body and the clock face are made from Imbuia Wood (from South America).  See the History tab above for more information on the workings of clocks.



The Strata

strata 432x1003

The Strata - Variation #2

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