Time Is Up… Up there!



Time Is Up

Art, and time, hanging from your ceiling.

I am continuously trying to find new and different ways to configure this mechanism called a clock; ways that I have never seen before.  For instance, I had never seen or heard of a ceiling clock before, but it made sense to me and as it turned out, it worked great!  The beauty of this clock is in it’s simplicity.  As you can see the framework of the clock is made from two small slats.  What this offers, however, is the ability to see the inner workings of the clock (it’s gears, etc) much more clearly.

This type of clock might be a problem with a high and/or a slanted ceiling, but most likely I could custom make one that would work on most types of ceilings.  Please contact me if you have questions about the installation of this or any of my clocks.


Wood:  Myrtlewood

Dimensions:  8 inches by 36 inches (excluding weights and pendulum)

Price:  $800.00

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